Wednesday, 14 July 2010



Leader Vinestar-small silver tabby she-catDeputy Foxheart-beautiful bronze tabby she-cat with unusual sea green eyes
Apprentice, Rosepaw
Medicine cat Autumnstripe-handsome tabby tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice, Petalpaw
-beautiful orange and white she-cat with ice blue eyes
Apprentice, Quailpaw
Yellowclaw-muscular yellowy gray tomSunheart-handsome muscular golden tom with green-amber eyes
Apprentice, FeatherpawMoonstream-white she-cat with gray tabby markings and blue eyes
Apprentice, WheatpawLeafclaw-gray tom with white chest and pawsStoneheart-muscular solid gray tomLionfang-fierce golden she-cat with gray-green eyesBerryfoot-white tom with brown pawsRipplepelt-long haired gray tom with darker gray patchesSkywhisker-beautiful silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice, SoilpawGaleheart-long haired white tom
Apprentice, ShadepawFlowerheart-beautiful light brown she-cat with green eyesStormfoot-gray tom with dark brown eyes
Apprentice, FernpawMouseheart-beautiful dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyesWindheart-pure white tom with yellow eyesApprentices
beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyesPetalpaw-beautiful long haired black and white she-cat with amber eyesQuailpaw-beautiful black she-cat with yellow eyesFeatherpaw-gray tabby she-cat with blue eyesWheatpaw-very light brown tomSoilpaw-small tortoiseshell tomShadepaw-mostly black tortoiseshell tomFernpaw-black she-cat with green eyesQueens
Snowstorm-pure white she cat. Kits-Bark-kit, Quick-kit, TigerkitNighteyes-black she-cat with dark blue eyes. Kits-Sleetkit, Dusk-kit, WhisperkitFawnflower-small light brown tabby she-cat with green eyesKits
Bark-kit-light brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Quick-kit-small silver tabby she-catTigerkit-dark brown tabby tom with amber eyesSleetkit-gray and black she-catDusk-kit-light tabby tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes
Whisperkit-tiny silver-gray tom with stormy gray eyesElders
Rabbitfur-long-legged dark brown tomSwiftheart-dark gray tomMeadowfire-beautiful tortoiseshell she-catWispcloud-gray and white tom


  1. Why did u change mousehearts pic

  2. i changed it cuz i couldnt find the other one and when i did it had bright yellow eyes. this one is pretty too.

  3. Can I be a part of lightning clan?


    A beautiful brown tabby she cat with strikes of white and black and unusual eyes


    She is happy and jumpy and loves to have fun with her friends, she is kind and gentle but deadly in battle

    if you need anything elce, tell me :)

  4. Heres the link to the pic

  5. What is this thing? What's this place? Its confusing!!!